Xaolan School Earth
Special Equipment Gem Necklace Xaolan's Jade
Special Equipment Stats: Atk +11, Def +10
Special Equipment Rank: 21
Special Equipment Description: Jade which is worn by Lan since she was born.
Skill 1 Stone Wall Stone Wall
Skill 2 Star Skill Star
Xaolan, the unlucky girl.


  • Stone Wall Stone Wall
    • SP: 110
    • Max Grade: 10
    • Attack Way: Aid skill
    • Description: 'A wall against physical atk. This shields an ally to reduce the physical damage taken for a single turn.
  • Star Skill Star
    • SP: 55
    • Max Grade: 8
    • Attack Way: Distance
    • Description: 'Cracks the ground with lift power.Xaolan's only attack skill, this can be useful for later on when she has more SP.

How To Obtain

Quest: Avenging Pirate - In Kelan Village, go to the first house on the right. You will see two pirates robbing Xaolan and her grandmother. After a short dialogue, you will get in a fight.

After you win the battle, the grandmother gives you 1 star and 2 shales.

Next, you should go to the Southern North Island area (just past Kelan), to do the next phase: Xaolan has been kidnapped and you need to fight the pirates again to save her. After the quick battle and finding out Xaolan's grandmother is gone, Xaolan rushes back to see her (you follow). Grandma is dying, and she begs with you to look after Xaolan, then she dies. Xaolan will join your team after you click "No! i am not superstitious!".

Additional Quests


  • Xaolan visiting the flowers on KaMa Peak

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