Work Platform

Item Name Work Platform
Item Rank 7
Size 3x2
Item Type Component
Description Used to make items.


Item Time Materials
Mud Statue Mud Statue 15 min. 1x Little Statue,
1x Mixed Noodles
Coconut basin Coconut Basin 0 min. 1x Coconut
Wooden Saw Wooden Saw 0 min. 1x Shale, 1x Lauan
Stone KnifeStone Knife 0 min. 1x Shale, 1x Lauan
Coconut Pulp Coconut Pulp 0 min. 1x Coconut

How to obtainEdit

Comes with a tent.


This is a standard piece of Furniture that comes with your Tent. Alone, it is able to make only 5 items. But when you use a Wooden Saw or Stone Knife on it, it can make more Items. Items made with the Wooden Saw and Stone Knife are listed under their pages.

Later You can make a Rope Saw, a whetstone, some pliers, some Needles, Brand Iron and a Great Driver. Those are items that can be placed in the work platform, more and more can be built, for example you will need a Rope Saw to create a Bench Saw

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