In the village leaders home on the 1st floor, to the right of the housekeeper, there is a blank wall. Next to the wall on the left is a torch on the wall. Click it to pull it down and open the the secret door in the wall. There will be a room with 9 square platforms. Read the directions on the wall to the right of a lever. It says:

"It is written: the fire will appear when you press the button on the left of the platform. Remember the position and the color of the fire, after that the button will close and the fire will disappear."

Pull the lever and a flame will appear on each of the pillars. Memorize or write down the colors. When they disappear go to each pillar and choose the correct color. If done correctly a door next to the directions will open.the order is:

Red Green Blue

Blue Red Green

Green Red Blue

Follow the path and your will come to a room with a treasure chest on a large platform and a lever to the right of it. Pull down the lever and the chess will open.

Reward: (1) 2 Holy EXP Potion and (5) Ship Voucher

Mini-Game: If you go on to the other room, you will find a chest. Click on it and there will be a mini-game. Get 12 points and you will get Space Agreement

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