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Elf's tear

  • Target: Antique Merchant
  • Condition: Need to resolve The Goddess' Revelation
  • Process: There will be a Waterfall near outside Holy Village. Go inside. Go all the way to the left side of the cave. You will find a big angel statue. Talk to it. After that, go to the North end of the cave to get elf's tear. Now go back to Holy Village. Talk with the Antique Merchant in the house (X2462 Y895) near the Item Shop in Holy Village and activate the quest, you will get a Vacuum Cleaner as a reward for finding the Elf's Tears.
  • Reward:Vacuum Cleaner (Obtain one item every 5 mins while collecting source in the collection place)
    • For The Goddess's Revelation, it is the Open Your Heart quest in Korea.

How to use the Vacuum Cleaner

You have to go into your inventory, and equip the Vacuum Cleaner. Make sure your Remote Control is not on. Find yourself a free item vein (Like an ore vein, or a tree stump that gives you materials), and click on it. Every five minutes, it'll collect a resource for you.

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