Version 6.0 Quest ListEdit

(Added as I find them) 84/97 found (Roza: Don't think there is more)

FreddieMercury 09:27, July 26, 2010 (UTC)
Name Location
Painful Behemoth North Island
Kind Dan Welling
Elin's Memory Oslya
Needs More Wood South Pole
Final Weapon South Pole
Love Philippines
Collect Cocoa Nibs Maya
Wildboar League Maya
Water God's Love Machu Picchu
Augury Kyoto
Make a Wish Kyoto
Sukura Kyoto
The Cursed Scroll Maple Forest
Mysterious Icy Cave Shayii Hill
Cursed Power Yamataikoku
Cursed Scroll Yamataikoku
Naughty Boy China
Nnervous China
Supervisor China
Making Rice Cake Inchon
Needs More Marbles Inchon
It's Too Late Bangkok
Protect Forest Bangkok
Snake in the House! Calcutta
Danger! Princess! Persia
Flying Carpet (2) Persia
Kusarikku's Heart Persia
Peace Persia
Priest's Request Persia
Princess Kacy's Wedding Persia
Aden's Gallipot Cairo
Need Linen Cairo
Secret Path Cairo
Colorful Glaze Athens
Dark Cerberus Athens
To be a Musician Athens
Find Apollo Rome
For Peace Rome
Honor & Peace Rome
Peaceful Quest Rome
Pretty Dancer Rome
Proof it Rome
Tell the Truth Rome
Trapped Lover Rome
Truth Rome
Warrior & Dancer Rome
Wanted Notice Rome
Be Careful! Cornwall
Destroy Pirate's Ship Cornwall
Disappeared Yoyo Cornwall
Dream about Hero Cornwall
Farmer's Trouble Cornwall
Kill Dragon Cornwall
Knowledge Cornwall
Love or Hatred Cornwall
Magic Recipe Cornwall
Merlin's Test Cornwall
Protect Treasure Cornwall
Scary Affair Cornwall
Wonderful Snack Cornwall
Assassin from Hell Domremy
Bad Luck Domremy
Disappeared Girls Domremy
Disappeared Koliz Domremy
Drunk Charlotte Domremy
Fighting Domremy
French Literature Domremy
Life in the Vale Domremy
Liz's Cat Domremy
Matthew's Trouble Domremy
Met Joan for the 1st time Domremy
Saint Joan Domremy
Terrific Pearl Domremy
Trapped Knight Domremy
Travel around France Domremy
Where's the Doggy Domremy
Find True Love African Village
For Freedom African Village
ET's Intrigue Sea Channel
Sick Sailors Voyage Map
Betrayed Sailors Voyage Map
Kitty in the well Yamataikoku
Brave Rome
Go Away! Parrot! Hanging Gardens

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