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Condition: Eva in team.


  • In Inca, talk to the cat at around [X:4000, Y:2750]. He tells you he needs the Magic Mirror to turn back to a Human. Leave Machu Picchu back to Inca's main map.
  • Head west to the Underground Cave at [X:650, Y:350]. Follow the portals until you get to the 3rd floor.
  • On the 3rd floor, head to [X:3800, Y:1050] and switch the lever you will see there. Now go west to the '?' on the map [X:400, Y:1000] and enter the opened door.
  • Inside this room the Wizard will be standing, talk to him and you will fight him.
  • Stats:
    [Wizard, LVL:136, HP:12800, Water], [Wizard's Pawn, LVL:95-96, HP:8000-8600]*2 +3 respawns.
  • After the fight, take the mirror and go back to Machu Picchu and give the mirror to the cat. He will turn back to a boy and give you a reward.


  • 4 Holy EXP Potion*1

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