The other side of cave

  • Target
  • Conditions
  • Process
  • After arriving on South Island of New Zealand, you discover a door at the top of the mountain and enter into the cave to have a look.
  • Fight and beat La. Tim, an annoyingly tough reaper. He is a lvl 70 Earth with 9500 health and has Tree Bind. His attacks do between 200-400 damage, and being earth he has quite a lot of defense. Every few turns (if you're lucky) he'll paralyze you or your pet, so bring along a Water Assist character to unroot you and heal your damage; then the rest of the fight should be easy. Just remember you can't use Roca in this fight, so pick your pet wisely. If you can't get a Water Assist, bring along plenty of healing items, and have you or your pet keep you alive while the other attacks. Moves like Shrink would be very useful here to limit his damage to about 300 damage unguarded. If you're a Wind character of the appropriate level, that should make it easier to whittle down his high hp. If you're not, prepare for a long battle. Depending on your level, this boss shouldn't be too hard, but it's suggested you fight it at lvl 40 or higher, or bring a full party if you're between lvl 30 and 40.
  • If you're not fully prepared for this fight, don't waste fuel getting to the cave. There is nothing else worth going in there for before completing this quest.
  • Rewards

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