Item Name Sulfur
Item Rank 2
Size 1x1
Item Type Ore
Description Common ore beside the volcano.


Manufacture UsesEdit

Compounding UsesEdit

  • [[<item>]]

Recycling Edit

  • Common Stone

How to ObtainEdit


Revival Isle

The spot is quite hard to find for first timers. It's to the right of the stairs that lead to top of the volcano. You'll see a statue (Engraver next to it) and right next to it is 2 trees.. The spot to collect Sulfur is right there. (X:4022 Y:2875)

Kelan Village(Cave)

You can also get Sulfur in the 2nd floor of Kelan Village. Walk to the narrow path and you'll the collecting spot.(X1962 Y:1255)

Compounding Edit



  • ?


You can fish for it with Fishing Primary lvl 5+, or at the cliffs just south of the North Island entrance to the Subway.

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