Type: Furniture
Size: 5x5
Item Rank: 27
Description: Used to go up and down floors.


  • Add one floor to your tent. You cannot have 3 or more floors.


Made with: Carpenter's Lathe
Making time: 32 Min.


A tent can have 2 Stairs but the 2nd Stair doesn't get you anywhere. GMs can't enter the game so can have Stairs

To move items (including tools) to the second floor, right-click on them and use "Withdraw", making sure there's enough room in the inventory to carry them upstairs. Then, drag and drop them out of the inventory.

If you Withdraw Stairs and you didn't withdraw and move the furniture before withdrawing stairs, the furniture from upstairs will be lost but not forever. You won't be able to access it without stairs but your furniture will be there. 

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