Holy Village Church

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Starting NPC: Eunos - Holy Village (Coordinates - X:842 Y:635)
Conditions: Complete Unbelievers and Undeserved Roca
Items Needed:
Reward: Gem Necklace x1


  • Talk to the Eunos in the cathedral. She used to love KaVo even though he didn't believe in god, therefore she became a nun. One day when they were on a mountain looking at the view, he gave her a diamond necklace and swore he didn't steal it. At that moment a mob from the village comes and says KaVo insulted god, but KaVo denies it. He falls off the cliff and the mob drag Eunos away. He survived but lost all memory of his love

Eunos says she cannot love him anymore because she is a nun but shed like him to remember her and hope is you give him the necklace he will.

  • Go outside and go to the angel fountain and you will find KaVo. Once he sees the necklace he will remember Eunos but says he doesn't want ot go back to that and has another girlfriend. You take the necklace back to Eunos and she says she'll be fine as long as she has the church and gives you the necklace.


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