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There are 12 Ocean Heart Pieces in total according to the games data files, but only 10 are released as far as I know.

They are used for something called the Cursed Arena, where you fight a spirit and obtain some treasure. But this part is not released yet.

The 12 pieces are traded to an NPC called 'Gem Merchant' who will give you a Gem, which is used to open the locked door in Maka Cave.

Ocean Heart PiecesEdit

  1. In the middle of the lake on North Island, close to the KaMa Cave, there is an Ocean Heart Piece in the water. You need to make a boat or raft to get the Ocean Heart Piece in the water.
  2. Jack's Blue Flower. In Welling, in the second floor of the Hotel, speak to Jack and give him a Blue Wild Flower.
  3. On KaMa peak, after completing Jack's Blue Flower. You find the couple again on the peak, try to talk to them many times and eventually a scene will occur and you get another Ocean Heart Piece.
  4. On top of Welling Capitol building (use aircraft). [X:800, Y:2000].
  5. In Holy Village, there is a piece behind the church. [X:4000, Y:150].
  6. Near Stoowa Isle, in the ocean at the bottom-right of the map. [X:5750, Y:5350].
  7. Chang'an, near the bottom of the town inside a green jar [X:940, Y:1420].
  8. In Machu Picchu, in a bird's nest. Use a ladder to reach the nest. [X:2150, Y:570].
  9. Domremy, in the water at the back of the village, need to use a flying vehicle to reach it. [X:2300, Y:220].
  10. Athens, on top of the Opera House, use a flying vehicle to reach it. [X:1350, Y:10]

FreddieMercury 02:36, November 12, 2010 (UTC)

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