Fire Fire

Fire spells are powerful and devastating. They originate from the eternal inferno raging within wonderland.

Powerful attacks are the advantage of fire spells. Fire spells can overcome wind spells, but have little power against water spells.

This class is ideal for Konno tsuruko as she has the skill Fire Dance.

Wind Wind

Wind spells originate from the ethereal essence of wind in wonderland.

Higher speed is the advantage of wind spells. Wind spells can overcome earth spells, but have little attack power against fire spells.

Water Water

Water spells originate from the deep and endless power of water.

Water spells and abilities may be the best assistant attacking abilities. Water spells and abilities can overcome fire spells, but have little attack power against earth spells

Earth Earth

Earth spells originate from the primordial essence of wonderland.

Higher defense power is the advantage of Earth spells/abilities. Earth attributes can beat water but have little attack power against the wind spells.

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