Welcome to the Wonderland Online Wiki's sandbox!
This page exists so that you can practice editing or formatting (see Editing help) without changing any serious content. Feel free to try wiki editing out here first.
There is a tutorial on the Central (coordinating) Wikia that will step you through more of the things you can do. Wiki allow for rather complicated formatting. It can look overwhelming when you begin, but don't let it worry you. Just start with the basics... enter some text, and learn the other pieces as you go. Your content contributions are welcome and important. The wiki is a collaborative effort and others can help with formatting and other improvements.
Best wishes!

Heading Usage and Appearance Edit

Hi, and welcome to Wonderland Online Wiki's Sandbox. If you've never used a Wiki program before, the following is an example of Heading usage and appearance:

= Main Title =


== Heading 1 ==

Informational text.
*Bulleted List item 1
*Bulleted List item 2

:Indented paragraph.
::Double indented paragraph.

== Heading 2 ==

Informational text.

=== Subheading 1 ===

Informational text.

Which would appear as the following:

Main Title Edit


Heading 1 Edit

Informational text.

  • Bulleted List item 1
  • Bulleted List item 2
Indented paragraph.
Double indented paragraph.

Heading 2 Edit

Informational text.

Subheading 1 Edit

Informational text.

and so on...

When you add more and more subjects to a page, a 'Table of Contents' automatically lists subjects at the top of the page for easier navigation. You can also place the Table of Contents somewhere else on the page by inserting __TOC__ in the place where you want it to be.

Tables Edit

Here is a simple table you can play with to get used to how they work:

Cell Title 1 Cell Title 2 Cell Title 3 Cell Title 4
Row 1 Cell 1 Row 1 Cell 2 Row 1 Cell 3 Row 1 Cell 4
Row 2 Cell 1 Row 2 Cell 2 Row 2 Cell 3 Row 2 Cell 4

Displaying Code Edit

The following, is how you would display wiki code for others to see and/or use without having to open the page for edit. This method is used quite frequently with templates.

< pre ><nowiki>Sample Text to show others< /pre ></nowiki>

Make sure you don't include the spaces between the "<" and ">" and the letters (i.e. </pre>)

Also, adding categories to pages is very important for easy navigation. If you're using a pre-made template, than most likely it has categories already listed for you. However, if you're starting a new page from scratch, the als list the category it should go under by typing [[Category:Page Category]]

Well, those are some of the basics of wiki editing. Have fun trying things out here in the Sandbox, and thanks for any future contributions to the rest of this wiki site.

--User Et3rnalPh03niX sig 04:52, 25 November 2008 (UTC)

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