Notepad Lists as of V5:

345 Quests Total

Page 1
Zhuang Zhi's Poached Egg
The Angry Monkey Incident
Find the Lost Book
The Dentist Incident
The Red Wine Mission
A Cave Bear Mission
The Squirrel Mission
Dinner Incident
Pig Taking a Walk
Sister's Wish

Page 2
Auntie's Special Soup Ingredients
Sheep's Nightmare
Avenging Pirate
Find the Courage Stone
Quick Offering
Undeserved Roca
A Guard drinking with friends
Auntie's Wine
Jack's Blue Flower
Let's be good friends again

Page 3
Pig's Nightmare
Ill Grandfather
Bucolic Kid
Grandparent and Grandchild who are robbed
Legendary Weapon
Mayan Door Ball Competition
The Spirit and the Golden Axe

Page 4
Hawaiian Dodgeball
Mayan Tribe is Raided
Protector of the Holy Spirit
Story of the Hood Girl
Hou Yi Incident
Please buy some matches!
Beautiful Immortal Fox
Unknown Fate
First Test
The Lost Dog

Page 5
Test in Welling Village
Make a Raft
Start off again with Roca
Emilie's Age
The Little Monkey and his Parents, again
Send the Wine to Holy Village
Evru's Puzzle
The Princess Eloped!
Hit Rabbits
The Doorman

Page 6
Sibling Love
Don't Leave! Sasha!
The Mysterious Girl
The Guided Future
Niss's Danger
The Kidnapped Princess
Fair Judge
Xao Lan's Fate
Giant Corpse Flower
Naive Girl

Page 7
Matchstick Girl
A Man in the Bar
Fish Food
The Fairy's Revelation
Death of Roca's Father
Pirates who turn over a new leaf
Dr. Dinosaur
Mystic Indian Elder
The Piper's snake flute
Elf's tear

Page 8
The Busy Old Farmer
Axman with a broken axe
Miner without ore
Frog Prince
Magellan is dangerous!
Magic Staff
Who's the better hunter?
Battle in the Crater of the Volcano
Match Maker's Red Thread
Help the boy's mother

Page 9
Which came first, The Chick or the Egg?
Colossus Relic
Auntie's Fungus Soup
Dick's wish
Mysterious Swordsman
Queen from the Snow Country
Please help Yuna
Challenge the Warrior
Fashionable Villager
Vanished Villager

Page 10
The Other Side of the Cave
Hide-and-Seek again
That's the light!
The Captain from the South Pole
Master Sanbo, where are you?
Meet with Kanako
Secret Path under the Gravestone
Who stole the badge?
Marine Exploration
Seabed Dragon Palace

Page 11
Hanging by a thread
Deep into the Pyramid
Oh! Ginseng!
Contract with Arez
What an odd kid!
Easy Mission?
Inchon Vendor
Take it easy!
The Ancestral Key
Devil Pattis

Page 12
Strong Enemy, Frederico!
Urashima Taro
Pandora's Box
Female Doctor Chang Jin
I want a Mantis.
Melhilis's Blessing
Open your heart
The Stranger Never Eats and Drinks

Page 13
Brave Kanako
Worry in the Heart
Pirate's tease
The Door God's trial
I Want to Go Home
Momotaro who hits ghosts
Let's hunt together!
Curse of the Ghost Ship
Scholar's trouble

Page 14
Aladdin and His Magic Lamp
The Egg of the Fire Phoenix
Rebuild the Gun
Take the High Road
Light and dark Twin God
Who damaged the Giant Statue?
The promise under the sky
King Howert
Help Momotaro hit ghosts

Page 15
ET Rest Zone
Valkyrie's trial
The secret of Barnya Sky City
Husband is fishing
Goddess Erina
Help Chang-er find Jade Rabbit
Trapped White Wolf
Village Leader's Secret Chamber
Fisherman's worry

Page 16
The tiger in the remote mountains
The secret of well
Xibei'er 's Soup
Egyptian acrobatics group
Pass the Far Miss
Pray to the God
Unfolded seal
Superior Weapon

Page 17
Plasma Scatter-gun
Lost Princess
Oh! Vase!
Paper is expensive
Wine Maker's Worry
Parent's heart
Dining time!
The Builder of the Wall
Sacred Fruit

Page 18
Is it a cow or a horse?
Lack of Rice
First Trial
The Alchemist's Dream-Change stones to gold
Tumulus in the east suburb of Chang'an
Test from the Sunlight God
Elin's Plasma Wafer
Monsters direction
Monsters participation
Medicine-Making Jade Rabbit

Page 19
The Impatient Jade Rabbit
Luna's gift
The Ninja's Treasure
Adventure on Mars
Alfer Gorge
Ma Stone
Rescue Laifu
Evil Envoy Eva
The Wall Soldiers Problems
The Secret of the Water Machine

Page 20
No ink now!
Chinese Arena Competition
Vendor's lover
Elf's game
Younger brother who saves companion
Precious pearl
The Sunken Ship
The Turtle is afraid of the iron gavel
The Naughty fish plays "Hide and Seek"
Farmers Crop

Page 21
The granny who is fetching water
The Wizards Magic Mirror
Luna clan
Hunt Crane
Hijacker in the desert
Saar's Research
Poor old lady beggar
Girl's Wish
The crow which stole the necklace
Wish will come true if you are sincere enough

Page 22
The lost buffalo
Fur coat
Make a fire in Revival Isle
Assassins Plot
The Coward
Find the Sledge Wolf
Angel's trial
TutanKhamen's Sanctum
Luna's Palace
Warrior who pulls the hair of lion

Page 23
Mooter's ambition
Casting the Poet's melody
Broken Roof
Dragon Spirit's trial
Cherish the Animals
ET's tryst
Xu Fu's Trial
Don't wake up from the good dream!
Repairing the Giant Statue
Nangonchon's fellow

Page 24
The Bully gets what he deserves
Delicious Curry
Superior Alchemy
Huge Crocodile's Invasion
Pirate's invasion
Stubborn Hen
Finding the loving ring
Help Watching the House
The awakened Dark Sword

Page 25
The Wounded Sea Lion
Disappeared Odyssey
The librarian's trial
The mystery in the book
Resist Inbreak
Coward Kita
Alice's puppet
The Guard's treasure
Palace on the Seabed
Save the little dog

Page 26
Luban's hammer
The Ant's Treasure
The Scholar who went to Beijing for Exams
Sealord's Treasure
The Old Love Letter
The Guard's Letter from Home
Puppet Master's wish
The Emperor's bedroom
The Key of Babylon
Question and Answer

Page 27
The History of Yamataikoku
The Secrets of the Hanging Garden
Immortal Grass
Dirty pool
Innocent Angela
The mark of going home
The strange sound from the Mayan Cellar
Beast Trainer's Treasure
Divine Kirin

Page 28
Sea Salt Sushi
Southern Robber's Hideout
Camel with Sunstroke
Beast Odor
Adult Ceremony Test
Fishing Uncle
Play Piano to Oxen
Nether General's Ambition
Chunchun's Potted Plant
Cowherd's Trouble

Page 29
40 Thieves' Treasure Place
Dangerous Turtle Isle
Attacked Ship
Dispute in Bar
Treasure Box's Secret
Help Scrape Ice
Scholars in Longai Hotel
No 300 Taels of Gold Here
Disturbing Ninja
Chicken Rice

Page 30
Fall in Love
Secrete Fete Book
Strong Man's Tender Feelings
Meet Louis Again
Magic Potion
Back Scheme
Beautiful Cherry
Flying Carpet
Medicine Secret

Page 31
Who Stole the Ladder
Heave Levy
One-eyed Giant
Past Love
Soldier's Treasure
Become a Pianist
Math Magic
Disappeared Homework
Water Path Voice
Wanted Frederico

Page 32
Crisis behind Peace
Birthday Gift
Looking for the Kids
Fishing Mt. Treasure
Bloody Snake
Gold Treasure
Uncle in Trouble
Want some Grapes
Protect Cat

Page 33
Sunk Treasure
4-Deity War
Proud Ninja
Thief in Inchon
Mao and Xao Mo
Become Reconciled
BBQ Pork Buns
Expel Hawk
5-Deity (Coming)

Page 34
Run after to Kill
Grown Plant
Misia's Indication
Antique Mirror
Spirit Capt's Wish
Cattle's Trouble
Food Poisoned
Save Unicorn
Great Navigator
Most Cherished

Page 35
Secret Water Vat
Herbal Research
Lonely Queen
Suppress Soul
Crete Fiesta


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