Pet QuestsEdit

Name Reward
Avenging PirateXaolan
First TestRoca
Hanging by a ThreadKanako
Magellan Is In DangerMagellan
The Mysterious GirlNiss
Pirate Who Turns Over New LeafClive
Quick OfferingShasha
Sibling LoveQlaya
Superior WeaponElin
Angel's trialAngela

Design QuestsEdit

Name Reward
Awaken Little BoyUFO Design
Cavern of PyramidRobot Design
Colored Chest HuntTurtle Car Design or Locomotive Design
Colossus RelicAirship Design
Evru's PuzzleBoat Design
Find the Lost Ancient CalendarMagic Carpet Design
The Hidden CellarHot-Air Balloon Design
Make a RaftRaft Design
That's the Light!Mighty Plane Design
Trapped CaptainSteam Ship Design
UnbelieversJalor Design

Skill QuestsEdit

Name Reward
Axeman with a Broken AxeCutting Skill
The Busy Old FarmerCollection Skill
Fish FoodPrimary Fishing Skill
Legendary WeaponPrimary Alchemy Skill
Xibei'er's SoupJunior Alchemy Skill
Miner Without OreMining Skill

Star QuestsEdit

Name Reward
Beautiful Immortal Fox Star X 1
The Dodge Ball of Hawaii Star X 1
Don't Leave! Shasha! Star X 3
Fish Food Star X 1
Frog Prince Star X 1
Grandparent and Grandchild Who Are Robbed Star X 1
Houyi Incident Star X 2
Magellan Is In Danger Star X 1
Match Girl Star X 1
Mayan Door Ball Competition Star X 1
Mayan Tribe is Raided Star X 1
Pig's Nightmare Star X 1
The Piper's Snake Flute Star X 1
Protector of the Holy Spirit Star X 3
Sheep's Nightmare Star X 1
The Story of the Hood Girl Star X 1
Unbelievers Star X 2
Who's the Better Hunter Star X 1
Xaolan's Fate Star X 2
Help Chang'er find Jade Rabbit Star X 1

Experience Points QuestsEdit

Name Reward
A Big Bear Mission3000 Experience Points
Battle in the Crater of the Volcano10% EXP Capsule
Colossus Relic10% EXP Capsule
The Dentist Incident5% EXP Capsule
Dick's Wish30 Experience Points
The Doorman5% EXP Capsule
Dr. Dinosaur10% Experience Points
Find the Courage Stone15% EXP Capsule
Giant Corpse Flower15% EXP Capsule
Hide-and-Seek100 Experience Points
Is the Chick First or Egg3000 Experience Points
The Kidnapped Princess10% Experience Points
Magellan Is In Danger10% EXP Capsule
Match Maker's Red Thread2000 Experience Points
Mysterious Swordsman2500 Experience Points
Please Buy Some Matches100 Experience Points
Queen from the Snow Country3000 Experience Points
The River Boy is Separated From his Mother2000 Experience Points
Sheep's Nightmare5% EXP Capsule
Sibling Love10% EXP Capsule

Pet Lethe Scroll QuestsEdit

Location/Name Reward
South Island 2 x Pet Lethe scrolls
Korea 1 x Pet Lethe Scroll
China 5 x Pet Lethe Scrolls
Penguin Village 1 x Pet Lethe Scroll
Bangkok 1 x Pet Lethe Scroll
Maya 1 x Pet Lethe Scroll
Japan 1 x Pet Lethe Scroll
Ghostdom 1 x Pet Lethe Scroll
Inca 1 x Pet Lethe Scroll
Athens 1 x Pet Lethe Scroll
Submarine 1 x Pet Lethe Scroll
  • Please add any that are not listed~ thank you

Lethe Scroll QuestsEdit

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