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A: You can never obtain a new set.

Q2: What's the best way to level up?

A: Burst using an e remote.

Q3: What is the best place for a person, who is around level 15 to train at?

A: Probably the Chicken Farm, you can get a lot of food here too.

Q4: What is the best place for a person, who is around level 20-30 to train at?

A: The Senior Beetles, far north of South Island.

Q5: Do guilds give you any bonuses for you?

A: Help with various quests and people to ask questions.

Q6: What is one of the best pets to get?

A: Animal - Sharks, Human - Elin (however most human pets are very powerful).

Q7: Can you get the boss, Big Tiger as a pet?

A: Yes you can, it took just some time to catch it.

Q8: How do you catch an animal?

A: Use the capture command in battle, animal must be weakened first, also, you must be not less than 5 levels below the monster.

Q9: How can I acquire more Gold?

A: You can make syrups and sell them. But if you can buy IM, get and sell things from there.

Q10: What should i do to finish the "Stubborn Hen Quest" in Holy Village?

The answer is located here:

Q11: How i can get leather bags?

A: You can make leather bags from needles. You need linen thread and beast fur.

Q12: Can I become a killer after I rb if my element is water and I increase my ATK?

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