Item Rank:1
Des: A kind of gem piece
Ocean Heart pieces are for making a key to a passage way in MaKa cave in the future.( I'm not 100% sure) there is 7 pieces to collect right now but we might need more like 20 pieces.

Location: In the lake of North island. to get the piece u will need a boat go to the middle of the lake and you will see sparkles. put your boat on top of the sparkles and you will automaticly get the first ocean heart piece.

Location for #2 Ocean heart piece: go to the top floor of Welling Village's hotel to start Jack's Blue Flower . Complete that quest to get the 2nd piece of the Ocean heart piece.

Location #3: Go into KaMa Cave to the top of the mountain (Portal the tiger is infront of )to get this piece you need to have finished the quest Jack's Blue Flower . you will see him and Rose looking at the view. Talk to Jack around 10-12 times then he will give the ocean heart piece.

Location #4:Behind Holy Village's Church to get there you will need a flying machine like a Mighty Plane.

Location #5:At the bottem right corner of Stoowa Isle Click on the barrel X:5590 Y:5650 you will need a flying machine also.Things like boat's cant open the barrel.

Location #6 Inca up on a tree. This piece of heart it is on a tree on the left side of the palace in a nest at X:2242 Y:635. You will need a ladder to get it.

Location #7 On the top of Welling Village's Capitol (where you have meetings and do events like Q&A) you will need a Flying machine to get up on the roof.

Another one is in chang an

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