Money is what you use to buy stuff. For example Furniture, Pets, Clothes and other random items. You can earn money by selling your stuff. You can also set up your own shop if you are over level 10. And let others buy your stuff , and you can earn some money too.

Easy ways to make moneyEdit

*Kelan Cave(Level at least 7+ or considerable strength&defense)
  1. Go to the center of floor one
  2. Make sure you have a good pet set to battle
  3. Activate Remote Control to Auto-Move and Auto-Attack
  4. Do anything you want for awhile(Don't exit Wonderland Online)
  5. Come back, and cancel the Remote Control
  6. Exit Kelan Cave and go to the North exit(don't leave)
  7. Sell all the items you got(Clay, Ores and stuff) from the cave to the Shopkeeper
  8. Repeat if wanted

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