Headline text Edit

A Mighty Plane for flying transportation.

You can obtain the Mighty Plane Design in Oslya. You get it by the completing the Thats the light Quest.


Item Rank 6
Size 4x3
Vehicle Type Flying
Seats 2 People
Fuel Source Hot Water and or Bottled Hot Water
Description Flies by a driving helix.

Mighty Plane

How to obtainEdit

Design QuestEdit

Quest: That's the light!
Area: Oslya
Coordinates: X:6782, Y:8555
Talk to: Wright Brother


Made with: Large Assembly Tool
Time to make: 57 Min.
Design:Mighty Plane Design
Material needed:

        Bottom Line Materials Needed To Make Plane

  • 28 Oak Wood : 14 Oak
  • 19 Lauan Wood : 10 Lauan
  • 60 Firewood : 15 Wood
  • 40 Harl Grass
  • 24 Copper Ore
  • 8 Iron Ore

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