Mayan Forest Regions Wonderland Online


Many people call this place Maya. The animals range from level 70-90.

How to get to MayaEdit

To get to Maya, you have to take a Raft  from North Island  to Mayan Forest.

North island to maya Wonderland Online


Monster Level Drop
Pig 71

Bay LeavesPotatoRicPorkPig SkinLeekA-CHOYTaroChinese CabbageNoodlesGreen GarlicWater SpinachSpring OnionGarlic

Mayan Aboriginal 89 PorkChickenWhite CrystalTiger MeatRuby


 Yaro Safflower  at the Coordinates X:1682 Y:595

 Fresh Water  at the Coordinates X:562 Y:2435

 Harl Grass , Vine Grass and Common Grass at the Coordinates X:2362 Y:395


Equipment Shop

General Shop

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