First things you need to create are the:

Then, create the Low-Temperature Kiln.
With this item you have the possibility to make even more tools. (see also the overviews below)
Most handy in the beginning is the Kitchen Range, where you can cook Consumables into more potent consumables, such as Rice (+20HP) to White Rice (+100HP).

Wood / Firewood needed for recipes can be made with the Stone Knife.

After the Kitchen range it is most handy to create the Storeroom, which can hold up to 50 items.


Work PlatformEdit

Work Platform
Work Platform
Arrow right Coconut basin
Coconut Basin
Makes: See below
Arrow right Coconut Pulp
Coconut Pulp
Arrow right Stone Knife Makes: Wooden materials, Boat, Sashimi
Arrow right Wooden Saw
Wooden Saw
Makes: See below

Coconut - Low temp KilnEdit

Coconut basin
Coconut Basin
Arrow right Lowtemperaturekiln
Low-Temperature Kiln
Arrow right Kitchen Range
Kitchen Range
Several Consumables
Arrow right Melting Furnace
Melting Furnace
Makes: See below
Arrow right Whetstone
Makes: See below
Arrow right Smoke Tool
Smoke Tool
Several Consumables
Arrow right Several materials

Melting FurnaceEdit

Melting Furnace
Melting Furnace
Arrow right Hot Kiln
Hot Kiln
Arrow right
Crystal Furnace
Makes: Gems
Makes: Several Furniture items (tiles etc), materials (bricks, glass)
Arrow right Training Platform
Training Platform
Arrow right Great Driver
Great Driver
Makes: Guns, Rifles, Bazookas
Arrow right Assembly Basin
Assembly Basin
Makes: Bombs & Potions
Arrow right Craftsman's Pestle Makes: ....
Arrow right Pliers
Makes: See below
Arrow right Rope Saw
Rope Saw
Makes: See below
Makes: Several metal materials, saddles
makes: Several metal materials


Arrow right Brand Iron Arrow right Welding Tool
Welding Tool
Makes: Hardware and Furniture
Makes: Several handware and furniture
Makes: Several Hardware


Arrow right Needle
Makes: vests, bags, cloths, cusion

Rope SawEdit

Rope Saw
Rope Saw
Arrow right Benchsaw
Bench Saw
Arrow right Grinding Equipment
Grinding Equipment
Makes: A lot of hardware for Ships, Airplanes, Vehicles, Furniture
Arrow right Blender.jpg
Manual Blender
Makes: Juices, Syrups and Flavours
Arrow right Carpenterslathee
Carpenter's Lathe
Makes: See below
Arrow right 12
Lubricant, Sugar, Coconut oil
Arrow right Water Filter
Water Filter
Sea Salt
Handy Furniture

Several wooden items and furniture

Carpenter's LatheEdit

Carpenter's Lathe
Arrow right Auto-machine
Auto Machine
Makes: Lasso, magic wool ball, linking rope
Arrow right Auto Loom
Auto Loom
Makes: A lot of hardware for Vehicles, Furniture
Arrow right Large Assembly Tool
Large Assembly Tool
Makes: Vehicles
Makes: Makes: A lot of hardware for vehicles, furniture

Wooden SawEdit

Wooden Saw
Wooden Saw
Arrow right Spinning Machine
Spinning Machine
Makes: Threads, Wool, Ropes
Arrow right Loom
Makes: Linen, Cloth
Arrow right Paper Machine
Paper Machine
Makes: (Wall) Paper, Scrolls
Makes: Wooden items

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