Large Assembly Tool
Type: Instrument
Size: 5x5
Item Rank: 3
Description: One of the instruments used to make giant machines.


Item Manufacturing time Material(s)
Elevator 30 Min. 3 x Link Gear Unit

+1 x Sophisticated Device 2 x Cable +5 x Alloy +1 x AC Motor

Body Of Steam Ship 30 Min. 1 x Massive Capstan

+1 x Frame of Steam Ship 2 x Thruster Ship

Hot Air Balloon 30 Min. 1 x Balloon Basket

+5 x Linking Rope +4 x Sandbag +1 x Burning Device +1 x Balloon

Spacecraft 60 Min. 1x Propulsion Fan

+1x Hydrogen Generator 1x Steer of Spacecraft +1x Cabin of Spacecraft +1x Spacecraft Device

Mighty Plane 60 Min. 1 x Frame of the Plane

+1 x Wings +1 x Wooden Pedals +1 x Starting Device +1 x Control Device

Jalor 42 Min. 1x Assistant Device

+1x Power of Jalor +1x Body of Jalor +1x Steer of Jalor +1x Sailing Deck

Steam Ship 30 Min. 1x Engine of Ship

+1x Body Of Steam Ship +1x Cabin of Steam Ship +1x Steer of Steam Ship

Locomotive 49 Min.  1x Small Engine+1 x Bearing+2 x Tires

5 x Acrylic Plate +1 x Ceramic Cylinder

Turtle Car 59 Min.  1 x Large Engine+2 x Bearing+4 x Tiree

+8 x Steel

Cabriolet 59 Min.  1 x Large Engine+4 x Bearing+4 x Tires

+7 x Steel

How to obtainEdit


Made with: Carpenter's Lathe
Making time: 32 Min.

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