Connecting Areas Edit

NPCs In the Area Edit

Name Location Type
Villager Inn at (X:902, Y:1535) Record NPC
Warrior (X:1302, Y:1635) Villager
Guandai Pursue House at (X:2118, Y:1597) Quest NPC
Cool Ronin Casino (X:3322, Y:1535) Quest NPC
Props Shopkeeper (X:962, Y:675) Merchant
Witch Doctor (X:1000, Y:695) Record NPC
Props Keeper Stuff Shop (X:2660, Y:1958) Item Storer
Stock Keeper Stuff Shop (X:2660, Y:1958) Item Storer
Props Shopkeeper Stuff Shop (X:2660, Y:1958) Merchant
Granny Civilian's House (X:2431, Y:2065) Quest NPC
Kasuga's Father (X:3282, Y:955) Quest NPC
Urashima Taro Civilian's House (X:1382, Y:1035) Villager
Cloth Store Owner Cloth Store at (X:1934, Y:795) Merchant
Weapon Shopkeeper Weaponry at (X:2742, Y:1135) Merchant
Kelan Leader Civilian's House (X:1662, Y:1515) Quest NPC
Sano Soldier Room at (X:1475, Y:1243) Pet/Quest NPC

Quests Edit

Quest NPC Coordinate
Challenge the Warrior Warrior (X:1482,Y:1415)
Easy Mission? Vendor (X:1042, Y:855)
Fair Judge Guandai Inside Pursue House at (X:2118, Y:1597)
Inukami Kasuga's Father (X:3282, Y:955)
Mysterious Swordsman Cool Ronin Inside Casino (X:3322, Y:1535)
Poor Old Lady Beggar Beggar (X:2002, Y:1955)
The Kidnapped Princess ??? (X:???, Y:???)
The Princess Eloped! Sano (X:1502, Y:429)
Urashima Taro Urashima Taro (X:???, Y:???)
Yuta Yuta Civilian House (X:2431 Y:2065)

Cutting / Mining / CollectingEdit

Skill Coordinates Items
None X:1622 -Y:2095 Paper Grass
Inside House X:1381 -Y:1049 Nigiri Sushi
None X:1082 -Y:855 Pine
None X:2282 -Y:1075 Sashimi
None X:3762 -Y:1455 Blue Wild Flower
None X:3902 -Y:1655 Mushroom(Consumable)

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