Connecting Areas Edit

Kyoto at (X:5172 - Y:321 )
Koyota's Cavern 1 at (X:1922 - Y:255)
Koyota's Cavern 2 at (X:2942 - Y:235)
Jungle at (259,343)

NPCs In the Area Edit

Name Location Type
River Boy's Mother Beach at (X:1202, Y:2535) Quest NPC
Old Sea Turtle Beach at (X:5182, Y:2215) Quest NPC
Momotaro (X:822, Y:1935) Quest NPC
Kanako (X:4142, Y:1775) Quest NPC

Quests Edit

Quest NPC Coordinate
Help The Boy's Mother River Boy's Mother (X:1202, Y:2535)
Old Turtle Quest Old Sea Turtle (X:5182, Y:2215)
Momotaro who hits ghosts Momotaro (X:862,Y:1915)
Kanako Quest Kanako (X:4142,Y:1775)
Pray to the God Mystic Immortal (X:2562,Y:1295)

Cutting / Mining / CollectingEdit

Skill Coordinates Items
Cutting X:4162, Y:455
Collecting X:602, Y:2695

Monsters in the AreaEdit

Name Level Drops Spawns
Fox <Lvl>
  • [[]]
Blue Fox <Lvl>
  • [[]]
Little Fox <Lvl>
  • [[]]
Red Fox <Lvl>
  • [[]]

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