Connecting Areas Edit

Inchon at (X:3222 - Y:5335 )
Korean Maze at (X:548 - Y:1080)
Korean Maze at (X:2502 - Y:255)
Korean Maze at (X:3062 - Y:3535)
Waterfall Grotto at (X:1425 - Y:2480)

NPCs In the Area Edit

Name Location Type
Granny (X:1802, Y:1915) Quest NPC


Note: You have to swim across the river to access the coffer.
  • (x:3422 Y:1895) Regular Chest contains 1.5 Holy exp. potion

Note: This palace is near river in snow zone. :)

Quests Edit

Quest NPC Coordinate
Ginseng Medicine Granny (X:1802, Y:1915)

Cutting / Mining / CollectingEdit

Skill Coordinates Items

Monsters in the AreaEdit

Name Level Drops Spawns
Fiery Crab 59
Orange Crab 60
Baby Mammoth 70
Grass Mammoth ?
Snow Mammoth ?

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