Konno tsuruko

Description: Konno is the only daughter of a traditional Japanese family, and is only too happy to follow in the footsteps of her elders. Konno and is usually seen in her favorite kimono, much to the delight of the elders of her town. In addition to this, Konno is practicing the traditional art of ikebana in order to bring some Japanese flair to the island.

Original Power: INT+2, WIS+1

Original Equipment: Kimono (Defence+1), Wooden Shoes (Defence+1)

Special Skill: Fire Dance, to defeat the target by using magic fire whilst dancing.

Skill Name Fire Dance Fire Dance
Obtained at None
Max level 1
SP Used 15 SP
Attack Way Distance
Weapon type all
Description Attacks with a fire wheel.

Attribute Suggested: Water, Fire

Points Suggested: INT

She has higher SP than others so she can use Mana attacks more easily. It may be difficult for her to upgrade at first, but her skill will become more powerful when she reaches higher levels.

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