Quest: Kanako Quest
Area: Koyota Island (Japan)
Location: X: 4142 Y: 1775

Finding a injured Rabbit for decide to heal it. Kanako comes and says it was to be dinner for a group of hungry people. You decide to make up the mistake by finding some Nigiri Sushi.

Nigiri Sushi is in Urashima Taro's House.

Area: Kyoto (Japan)
Location: X: 1342 Y: 1035
Or it is Bought at the Props Shopkeeper in Koyota for 70gp

Reward: 500 XP and Kanako's Comb

After you get her Comb, you have to go in the left corner of the map in the forest. On the first fight, you have to kill 3 guards with level 80 and after another 8 (Hp around 1k), but Kanako will assist you in the battle.

Here is a full guide on how to get Kanako: Kanako Guide

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