Quest: Is the Chick First or Egg
Area: China, China Region
Location: X: 442 Y: 3875

You reach the plains of China and see two young women quarrelling about something. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? You decide to join them too. You Get to choose whether is it the egg first or the chicken. During The Quarrel , They would find you a disturbance and will decide to fight against you. No matter what you choose they get mad and attack you. Lvl 70 Fire and level 65 Wind with 7800hp and 7650hp.

When you defeat the two women they will change into snakes LVL 110 Fire 18500 Hp / LVL 100 Wind 16800 HP and you have to fight them again.

Reward: 3000 EXP Plus

 Anwser: Chick - You Get Cherish Necklace.

 Anwser: Egg - You Get Silvery Spell Bead.

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