Hot Kiln

Type: Instrument
Size: 4x4
Item Rank: 2
Description: It can make fire items with high temperature.


Item Manufacturing time Materials
Ammonia 6 Minutes 1x Pail Hydrogen, 1x Iron Fillet
Signal Line 4 Minutes 2x Copper Block, 2x Tin Material, 1x Firewood
Faucet 4 Minutes 1x Copper Block
Pan 4 Minutes 5x Steel, 4x Firewood
Filament x2 4 Minutes 1x Pine, 1x Firewood
Electronic Crystal 4 Minutes 1x Silicon, 1x Tin Material, 1x Black Clay
Vitriol 4 Minutes 1x Sulfur, 1x Sewage, 1X Firewood
Acrylic Plate 4 Minutes 1x Naphtha, 2x Rubber
Valving 8 Minutes 1x Steel, 1x Black Clay, 1x White Clay
Nylon 4 Minutes 1x Coal Ball, 1x Fresh Water
Dry Batteries 4 Minutes 1x Charcoal, 1x Aluminum Plate, 1x Iron Material, 1x Fresh Water
Glass 4 Minutes 1x Silicon, 2x Firewood
Shower 4 Minutes 1x Lauan Wood, 2x Original Rubber, 3x Firewood
Capacitance 4 Minutes 1x Mica Rock, 2x Grey Clay, 1x Wire, 2x Firewood
Ceramic Cylinder 4 Minutes 3x Red Clay, 3x Grey Clay, 8x Firewood
Tires 4 Minutes 1x Rubber, 1x Grey Clay, 4x Firewood
Resistance x3 4 Minutes 1x Alloy, 1x Wire, 1x White Clay, 2x Firewood
Electronic Wire 4 Minutes 2x Copper Block, 2x Tin Material, 5x Firewood
Dragon Scale 8 Minutes 1x Dragon Squama
High Uranium 35 Minutes 2x Half Uranium, 3x Firewood
Crystal Furnace 60 Minutes 1x Tar, 4x Titanium Alloy, 8x Alloy, 12x Brick, 3x Pail Refrigerant
Water Desalination 8 Minutes 4x Grey Clay, 6x Original Rubber, 5x Leather Bag, 9x Firewood
Lucky Cat 5 Minutes 5x Red Clay, 10x White Clay, 3x Firewood
Ancient Bathtub 6 Minutes 5x White Clay, 2x Original Rubber, 5x Firewood
Tile(Red) 4 Minutes 3x Red Clay, 2x White Clay
Tile(Yellow) 4 Minutes 3x Yellow Clay, 1x Clay
Tile(Grey) 4 Minutes 3x Grey Clay, 1x Red Clay, 1x Black Clay
Tile(Purple) 4 Minutes 2x Black Clay, 2x Red Clay
Whiteware Vase 2 Minutes 3x White Clay, 1x Firewood
Vase 1 Minute 3x White Clay, 1x Firewood
Dragon Vase 3 Minutes 3x White Clay, 1x Gold Sand, 1x Firewood
Closestool (Toilet Bowl) 6 Minutes 2x White Clay, 1x Plastic
Washbowl (Sink) 4 Minutes 2x White Clay, 1x Faucet, 2x Water Pipe
Tile(LightBrown) 4 Minutes 3x White Clay, 2x Red Clay, 2x Black Clay
Piggy Bank 4 Minutes 10x Red Clay, 5x Firewood
Wall Furnace 23 Minutes 3x Dry Clay, 4x Brick, 5x Firewood, 1x Iron Fillet
Tile(Brick) 4 Minutes 2x Red Clay, 2x Yellow Clay
Gold Sand 2 Minutes 3x Gold Ore, 2x Firewood
Gold Block 2 Minutes 2x Gold Sand, 4x Firewood
Silvery Sand 2 Minutes 2x Silvery Ore, 2x Firewood
Silvery Block 2 Minutes 2x Silvery Sand, 4x Firewood
Bronze Material 2 Minutes 1x Copper Ore, 1x Tin Ore, 2x Firewood
Steel 2 Minutes 3x Iron Material, 2x Charcoal, 4x Firewood
Coal Sand 2 Minutes 1x Coal Ore, 1x Firewood|-
Coal Ball 2 Minutes 1x Coal Sand, 1x Firewood
Coal 2 Minutes 1x Coal Ball, 1x Firewood
Silicon 2 Minutes 1x Quartz, 2x Firewood

How to obtainEdit


Made with: Melting Furnace
Making time: 4 Min.

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