Furnitures are placed in your inventory after manufactoring or buying it. Make sure you have enough room! Then place it on the floor to be able to use it. To rotate a furniture, right click on it and choose "rotate". To remove a furniture, right click on it and choose "withdraw", the furniture will be put back in your inventory.

For an alphabetical overview, check the Category:Furniture page.


Tools and InstrumentsEdit

This kind of furniture allows you to create other items, and other furniture.
See Manufacturing Tools and Instruments for the list.

Manufacturing SpeedEdit

These furnitures allow you to speed up or configure the manufacturing process. You can get a max. of 20% reduction time.


You can store a maximum of 100 items in your tent.

Item StorageEdit

This kind of furniture gives you storage space.

Pet StorageEdit

You can use those furnitures to store Pets.

Vehicle StorageEdit

Character usesEdit


Furniture used to recover HP/SP.


Furniture used to get EXP.



Used to put a store in your house.


Furnitures to organize your tent.


Those furnitures have no function other than decorate your house.

Mini GamesEdit

Allow you to play mini games in your tent.

Gardening & GrowingEdit


Used to plant seeds and increase productivity.




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