Fishing is the professsion that allows players to obtain multiple new items by using a fishing rod. The higher a players skill level in Primary Fishing, the higher the chance for a higher level item to be obtained.

Fishin 1

To use a fishing rod, open your inventory, and double click it. Remember:You must be near the water for the fishing rod to work.


A Fishing Rod

Fishing RodsEdit

There are 3 fishing rods obtainable in the game.

The higher rank tool you use, the more chances you get to fish up high rank fishes or items.

Fishing SkillEdit

To obtain Fishing Skill you need to complete Fish Food quest. You can fish without having the skill, however the higher the skill, the more chances you get for better items. Your fishing skill will go up every time you fish an item.

Grade Number of items fished
1 14
2 35
3 79
4 152
5 263
6 422
7 635
8 913
9 1264
10 1697
11 2220
12 2844
13 3578
14 4430
15 5410
16 ??
17 ??
18 ??
19 ??
20 ??

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