General FAQEdit

What's the difference between these main characters?Edit

Each of them has different original points and inherent skills.
      For details on the main characters, click here.

How to recover HP and SP?Edit

In addition to having something to eat to recover HP and SP, 
      pressing ALT +1 to sit down and having a good rest can also 
      recover HP and SP. If you have a bathtub or a shower in your tent, it can be used to speed up recovery.

How to collect?Edit

Left click on items to collect. Mushrooms,flowers, wood and
      shale can also be collected by left clicking on them. After
      breaking boxes, treasure cases, casks and vases, you will
      find useful items inside.

How to use a vacuum?Edit

Click on collecting points after the vacuum has been equipped.

How to use fishing rod?Edit

Open inventory when you are close to the water. Double click 
      it to begin fishing.

How to get a tent?Edit

Talk to the Astrologian in Kelan Village.

How to use a tent?Edit

Open inventory and click tent to open it. You can close the
      tent by right clicking it. Tent can be used as a commercial
      real estate to do business. If other players' tents block
      your way, you can right click to move forward, or choose not
      to display the players' tents from the character information
      display in system options.

How to select many items and move them up at the same time?Edit

Press Ctrl while you drag multiple items from one spot to
      another. Type in the number you want to transfer and click

How to use alchemy?Edit

Compounding is alchemy. The result of compounding is related
      to the level of alchemy. At the bottom of your game screen,
      click on the compound icon. In the screen that
      appears, select at least two items by left clicking on each
      one time. Then, at the bottom, click on synthesis.

How to use world chat?Edit

A wireless radio set will be given upon completing the
      Dinner Incident quest. Then World chat can be used
      by spending 15 SP.

How to run a vending stall?Edit

Click on Commerce Money (indicated by the icon of gold)
      at the top of your game screen. Choose the type of stall you
      want to open. Place the items you want to sell in the available
      spots and set the price. Finally, click "Set a Stall" to open
      shop. Movement is not allowed while running a vending stall.
      Also you cannot trade or sell items or pets until you reach 
      level 10.

What if pet inventory is full? Edit

Hotels in towns are used to shelter pets.

How to visit other players' stall?Edit

Double click the stall names.

How to get a coconut?Edit

Click the coconut tree to get a Coconut located on the first
      beach you begin the game at (coordinates are: X:502 Y:675).

What are those "X and Y" coordinates?Edit

On the bottom right hand side of your game screen is the name
      of the server you're currently playing on, the current region
      you're in, and your map coordinates. X is for your horizontal
      position, and Y is for your vertical position.

How to meet enemies?Edit

There are two different kinds of enemies.One has been
      indicated on map. You will enter a fight automatically
      upon meeting them. The other will be met randomly while
      you are walking.

How to return to the city?Edit

You can return to city by the spawn point in system option.

What is the punishment after characters die?Edit

If characters die, you will lose your experience you'll either be spawned or just leave the fight with 1 hp.

How to set nickname?Edit

There is a nickname setting in Social or press "Ctrl+E" to
      set a nickname under the "Social" tab.

How to get tent enlarged?Edit

Talk to the Official in Holy Village to get your tent
      enlarged by giving him a Title Deed and 5 stars.

How to use Resource RecyclingEdit

Put items into Resource Recycling to make new items. A
      confirmation screen will appear to let you know if
      recycling the item will regenerate into another item.

What if the warehouse does not have enough space?Edit

Build a Storeroom to store items or make use of Coin-Op
      Games to store.

How to cancel selected items while compounding?Edit

Right click on items you want to cancel.

How to use computer?Edit

After it starts to make a prop, click pause, repeat this
      operation five times and click on the computer to check out

What to do if the gun is broken?Edit

You can get another where you get it for the first time.

How to use Stone Knife and planner tool?Edit

Drag them on the work platform,and then click the platform.

How to PK?Edit

Click the PK button located at the top right
      of the game screen (first button on the list),
      then the player you want to fight.

How to cancel the action for next step during a battle?Edit

Right click.

How to fight automatically?Edit

There is a function on the Remote Control for you to fight
      automatically. If you cast spells, the function will allow
      you to continue to cast spells until you don't have enough
      HP or SP. Then ordinary attack. More information on
      auto-playing can be found on the Remote Control page.

What should I do if I forgot my quest content?Edit

Go find the Astrologian in Kelan Village, she will give a
      notepad from which you can know all the information about
      your quests.

Why are my pets lost?Edit

If your pets' Friendship {Amity} is less than 20,
      they will be more likely to run away and the pets are no 
      longer able to join battle, They will remain loyal if their
      {Amity} is more than 20. so it's important to increase 
      the {Amity} of as many of your pets as possible.

How to increase pets' Friendship?Edit

By doing some special quests or improving your pets' levels,
      you can increase the pets' Friendship.

There is a heart shape at the bottom right corner of the interface, what does that stand for?Edit

It is the "Make Friends" function, the heart shape will
      appear when someone who is perfect for you is approaching
      (Perfection is estimated by using objective personal information).

How to obtain cheap replenishments?Edit

You can obtain some raw material by fishing,and then use a
      pan or some other tools to cook them to obtain cheap replenishment.

How to ride on pets?Edit

Click the "group" icon, click on the "Rest" button for the
      pet you want to ride, and choose "ride".

How to unlock new skills?Edit

You can unlock new skills by leveling up your player. When you level up you add points to Agility, Wisdom, Intelligent, Strength and Constitution. Click on the 'skills' menu on the bottom right hand corner and you'll see how many points you need to get the skill

Item FAQEdit

Q:What is the bloody armlet for?Edit

The Bloody Armlet is used in the quest to get Sam.

What is maid outfit for?Edit

The Maid Outfit is used in the quest to get Elin.

how do I get tent paletteEdit

It can be obtained by Purchasing it from the Item Mall, sometimes, you can also

get it by purchasing certain Item Mall packs and boxes, you can also buy it from

other player's shops.

How do I get crude oil?Edit

You can either compound it (food oil+coal), gather it from
      Oslya oil resource, or  recycle coconut oil.

How do I know if I'm overpaying?Edit

Check Price Guide

Design FAQEdit

Where do I get (X) design plan?Edit

Design: Obtained from:
Boat Evru's Puzzle
Cabriolet Need Info
Hot-Air Balloon Holy Village secret path
Locomotive Need Info
Jalor Unbelievers
Magic Carpet Find the Lost Ancient Calendar
Mighty Plane Second cave in Oslya
Raft Make a Raft
Robot Collect red/blue/green keys and boxes (Verify)
Spacecraft Quest name: Colossus Relic

Place: Revival Island Requirement: Battle in the Crater of the Volcano Rewards: Airship design, 10% EXP Capsule 1 - Take the key which you get from the “Battle in the Crater of the Volcano” quest to the right of the Revival Isle map, where you can see a bridge on the minimap. 2 - Use the key to open the stone door, and enter it. 3 - Go to the end of first map, then you will fight 8 Moai [4 different attributes, LV90, HP1000] 4 - Enter the next map, read a yellow paper on the wall, and solve the puzzle. (Answer is 7:35). Then fight another 7 Moai [1 Large Moai, LV135, HP22000; 6 small Moai, LV90, HP1000] 5 - Get the rewards from the treasure box.

Steam Ship South pole, talk to a captain there, you will have to give him large asambley tool and steam engine
UFO Awaken little boy in mayan, sasha needs her amity at 70 and she will die
Yacht Need Info

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