Emotions are extra little faces. You can express yourself with them. And it is a very fun way to chat too. You can add emotions by clicking on the box with a smiling face at the bottom right of the chat box. Or you could type these in.

@|    :Arrogant

:$    :Shy

>|    :V-style Eyebrow

-"    :Drawing a Line

XD    :Big Smile

TT    :Weeping

:D    :Laugh

:S    :Doubt

==    :Sweating

8D    :Hearty Laugh

%#    :Bright Eyes

8(    :Unusual

:)    :Smile

^T    :Burst into Tears

>@    :Angry

:(    :In bad Temper

:!    :Smoking

JL    :Cross your Fingers

8o    Be Stupefied

:[    :Te be Alone

:m    :Whistle

:o    :Stand Aghast

|T    :Spit Out

"_    :Looking like at the bottom of Fortune's Wheel

*:    :Want to kill Someone

j-    :Feel deeply Ashamed

:P    :Stick out Tongue

|E    :Breathe Out

zZ    :Dozing Off

@#    :Chaos

-P    :Nod

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