Cutting is a skill that allows you to obtain wood materials to use in compounding or manufacturing.

Cutting SkillEdit

  • You will obtain the skill after completing the quest: Axeman with a Broken Axe
  • The skill will go up every time you cut a piece of wood.
  • It will rise if you are cutting using the Vacuum Cleaner.
---NOTE: Skill -WILL- still rise using the Vacuum Cleaner. Tested on Aug. 28 on the Gemini server.

Cutting Spots by AreasEdit

North IslandEdit

Coordinates (X: 4822, Y: 655)
Items Obtained:Ordinary WoodLauan

Kelan VillageEdit

Northeast Forest Coordinates (X: 2862, Y: 1335)
Items Obtained:WoodLauanOrdinary WoodOak


Coordinates (X: 2182, Y: 1855)
Items Obtained:WoodCypress


Coordinates (X: 4162, Y: 455)
Items Obtained:Ordinary WoodLauan


Coordinates (X: 842, Y: 2455)
Items Obtained:Ordinary WoodLauanWood

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