Crude Oil Equipment
Type: Instrument
Size: 5x5
Item Rank: 3
Description: It can purify crude oil.


Item Time Materials
Liquid Gas Liquid Gas 24 8 x Oil, 2 x Firewood
Plastic Plastic 10 1 x Crude Oil, 1 x Firewood
Gasoline Gasoline 19 2 x Crude Oil, 4 x Firewood
Naphtha Naphtha 20 1 x Crude Oil, 4 x Firewood
Heavy Oil Heavy Oil 20 1 x Crude Oil, 2 x Firewood
Tar Tar 20 1 x Crude Oil, 3 x Charcoal, 5 x Firewood
Gas Gas x3 0 1 x Firewood
Oil Oil 15 5 x Crude Oil, 8 x Firewood
Unleaded Gasoline Unleaded Gasoline 19 2 x Oil, 12 x Firewood
Great Gasoline Great Gasoline 24 4 x Oil, 15 x Firewood
Diesel Oil Diesel Oil 20 5 x Crude Oil, 6 x Firewood

How to obtainEdit


Made with: Grinding Equipment
Making time: 32 Min.

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