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Consumables by EffectEdit

HP recovering consumables Edit

Effect Name
1 - 49 HP
Grape, (10) Barley, Black Bean, Fish, Fugu, Fungus, Garlic, Latania, Mung Bean, Pollen, Shrimp, Steamed Buns, Soy Bean, Yellow Croaker, (20) Bay Leaves, Boiled Egg, Cantaloupe, Celery, Cod, Cole, Coprinus, Crab Roes, Cuttlefish, Flour, Flour Ball, Green Apple, Golden Apple, Ha Mushroom, Lobster, Octopus, Pachyrhizus Leaf, Quail Egg, Red Bean, Rice, Rice wine Shrimp, Spicy Tilapia, Spore, Steamed Shrimp, Strawberry, Tilapia, Watermelon (30) Banana, Carrot, Coconut, Eel, Juicy Peach, Leek, Pachyrhizus, Persimmon, Salmon, Sardine, Sun Mushroom, (40) Apple, Cucumber, Maize, Mandarin Orange, Noodles, Potato, Pumpkin, Salted Duck Egg, Sepia, Shandong Buns, Tuna,
50 - 99 HP
(50) Aligote, Bread, Big Apple, Fish Congee, Taro, Roasted Snake Meat, Sashimi, (60) Coconut Pulp, Fried Luffa (70) CheeseCoconut Oil, Crabroe Congee, (80) Beef, Braised Stingray, Fried Celery, Fried Mooli,Goose, Ham, Nigiri Sushi, Wolf Meat, (90) Australian Bread, Braised Eel, Fried Egg Fish, Fried Potato Leaf, Fried Water Spinach,
100 - 149 HP
(100) Beancurd, Big Fried Cabbage, Egg Beancurd, Fried Cabbage, Fried Fish, Ginseng Chicken Stew, Hot Dog, Multi Buns, Salmon Slice, Salmon Sushi, Yoghurt Drink White Rice, Wholegrain Bread, (110) Boiled Rice, Fried Spinach, Spa Egg, (120) Boiled Octopus, Fried Bay Leaf, Fried Cod, Fried Melon, Ma Po Beancurd, Roasted Dog Meat, Roasted Ostrich Meat, Smoked Geese, (130) Fried Rice Noodles, Souffles, (140) Boiled Cod, Multi Bread, Poached Egg
150 - 199 HP
(150) Wild Pig's Meat, Braised Salmon, Fried Buns, Fried Tilapia, Ginseng Chicken Soup Roasted Tiger Meat, Roasted Goose, Roasted Wolf Meat, Sausage, Steamed Stingray, Steamed Yellow Croaker, Stewed Crabroes, (160) Boiled Salmon, Egg Pudding, Roasted Lobster, Roasted Mutton, Small Buns, (170) Boiled Eel,[ Egg Fried Rice, Rice Wine Chicken, (180) Braised Octopus, Cheese, Danish Bread, Grilled Bird, Roasted Duck Meat, Roasted Roo Meat, Super Buns (190) Pizza
200 - 249 HP
(200) BBQ Pork Buns, Black Forestcake, Custard Tart, Dongpo Pork, Driedmeat Bread, Fugu Nigigri Sushi, Fruit Crepe, Meat over Rice, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork, Smoked Chicken, Stuffed Buns, Tomato in Fried Egg, (230) Meatballs, Sweet Noodles, Sparerib over Rice (240) Seafood Dish
250 - 500 HP
(250) Crepe, Fried Pork, Fried Seafood Rice, Preserved Egg, Roast Sparrow, Roasted Beef, Stewed Tuna, Wonderful Buns (270) Boiled Tuna, (280), Crisp Cuttlefish, (300) Fruit Wine, Fugu Hot Pot, Fried Fugu, Pearl Milk Tea, Roast Pigeon]], (350) Braised Egg Beancurd, Cabbage Crepe, Roast Cuttlefish, (400) Fruit Cake, Lamb (450) Bacon Crepe, Minced Pork Congee

SP recovering consumables Edit

Effect Name
1 - 49 SP
Fried Potato Leaf, Shandong Buns, Yellow Croaker, Watermelon (10) Cod, Coffee Bean, Crab Roes, Fried Water Spinach, Soya, Bay Leaves, Leek, Grape, Sepia, (20) Brazil Mushroom, Cuttlefish, Fried Celery, Fried Mooli, Fried Rice Noodles, Fruit Pollen, Garlic, Green Garlic, Grilled Bird, Juicy Peach, Lobster, Meatballs, Nectar, Octopus, Poached Egg, Quail Egg, Salmon, Spinach, Spring Onion, Su Mushroom, Roasted Duck Meat, Super Buns (30) A-choy, Eel, Fried Bay Leaf, Fried Melon, Gooseberry, Hazelnut, Tomato in Fried Egg, Tuna (40) Fried Luffa, Fried Spinach, Salmon Slice, Small Buns, Yoghurt Drink, Roasted Mutton, Spa Egg
50 - 99 SP
(50) BBQ Pork Buns, Dongpo Pork, Fried Buns, Hot Dog, Multi Buns, Pizza, Roasted Goose, Steamed Stingray, Steamed Yellow Croaker, (60) Australian Bread, Fried Egg Fish, Lemon, Multi Bread, Fugu (70) Braised Eel, Crisp Cuttlefish, Danish Bread, Ham, Roasted Roo Meat, Souffles, (80) Egg Fried Rice, Roasted Dog Meat, Smoked Geese, Steamed Shrimp
100 - 149 SP
(100) Bacon Crepe, Boiled Quail Egg, Brown Nut, Egg Beancurd, Fish Congee, Fried Carrot, Fried Fugu, Meat Over Rice, Pepper Shrimp, Roasted Tiger Meat, Roasted Snake Meat, Sashimi, (110) (120) Boiled Egg, Boiled Octopus, Braised Octopus, Braised Stingray, Fried Cod, Gyrophora, Ma Po Beancurd, Nigiri Sushi, Roasted Ostrich Meat, Sweet Noodles, Sparerib over Rice (130) Boiled Cod, Spicy Tilapia, (140) Egg Pudding, Roasted Lobster
150 - 199 SP
(150) Fugu Nigigri Sushi, French Bread, Fruit Crepe, Rice Wine, Stewed Crabroes, Stewed Tuna, (160) Boiled Salmon, Boiled Tilapia, Braised Salmon, Salted Duck Egg, Seafood Dish, (170) Boiled Eel, Boiled Tuna, Crabroe Congee, (180) Rice Wine Chicken, (190) Fried Seafood Rice,
200 - 249 SP
(200) Black Forestcake, Boiled Sardines, Salmon Sushi, Steamed Cod, (230) Rice wine Shrimp,
250 - 499 SP
(250) Fugu Sashimi, Lyme Liquor, Wine, (300) Braised Eel Rice, Fugu Hot Pot, Ginseng Chicken Stew, Pearl Milk Tea
500 - 999 SP
(600) Ginseng Chicken Soup, (850) Ginseng Thick Soup

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