Coconut Basin
Type: Instrument
Size: 2x1
Item Rank: 3
Description: It can temper some materials.


Item Time Materials
Strange Eye-drops Strange Eye-drops 1 Min. 1x Lucid Glue,
1x Dye,
2x Gold Tears
Hair Dye Hair Dye 1 Min. 4x Dye
Color Mask Color Mask 1 Min. 1x White Clay,
1x Dye,
1x Lemon
Shape Clay Shape Clay 4 Min. 4x Tent Palette,
2x Red Clay,
2x White Clay,
2x Yellow Clay
Low-Temperature Kiln Low-Temperature Kiln 1 Min. 4x White Clay,
5x Firewood
Turf Turf 4 Min. 12x Dry Clay,
30x Common Grass,
10x Common Stone,
6x Pure Water
Parterre Parterre 6 Min. 1x Turf,
4x Pure Water,
8x Rose,
12 Dry Clay
Item Time Materials
Love Chocolate Love Chocolate 1 Min. 6x Cocoa Nib,
6x Apple
Lovely Chocolate Lovely Chocolate 1 Min. 4x Cocoa Nib,
4x Canteloupe
Favor Chocolate Favor Chocolate 1 Min. 2x Cocoa Nib
Doting Chocolate Doting Chocolate 5 Min. 10x Cocoa Nib,
1x Soft Sweet
Passion Chocolate Passion Chocolate 1 Min. 6x Cocoa Bean,
6x Apple
Sweet Chocolate Sweet Chocolate 1 Min. 4x Cocoa Bean,
6x Cantaloupe
Perfume Chocolate Perfume Chocolate 1 Min. 2x Cocoa Bean
Precious Chocolate Precious Chocolate 5 Min. 10x Cocoa Bean,
1x Love Candy

How to obtainEdit


Made with: Work Platform Work Platform
Making time: 0 Min.



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