Character weddings are now available on the english versions. Just go to Holy Village and then talk to the NPC Nun
(or Priest, as titled) (X: 3302 Y: 1095) that is in front of the church behind a stall. You can also get a divorce if you are already married.

Requirements for Marriage
Level Requirement
Both you and your lover have to be at least a level 30
You have to be in a team to pay the application. Applications are 60,000 gold for each person.
After the application passes, you have to get married in 3 days or the application will be erased. You both will have to pay for the application again.
Inviting friends
Tell your friends to register at the stand in advance, or else they can't enter the Wedding Hall.

Requirements for a Divorce
You need to pay 20,000 gold to file a divorce.
Online Player
The person you want a divorce with has to be online. But if they are not online for at least 30 days, the divorce will go ahead and take effect.
Both players of the divorce have to wait 7 days until they can get married again.

After you've talked to the Priest -or Nun-, she will ask you to head to the Holly Village pool; the center of Holly Village (X: 1642 Y:1275). You will stand in front of the pool, and the cupid statue will have shot you with a Love Arrow. You now have a Love Arrow in your inventory.

Now you have to go to Hanging Garden. There you will find the Love Ring, and you will be able to get married if you have all the requirements met.

Go to the wedding hall (with your lover in your team), and enter the room on the left. Then unequip all your items and put on the wedding clothes they offer you. (Note. You have to put on all the clothes. You can't have half of the outfit and have your favorite headband on or something.) Walk out, and talk to Abba. The wedding will start. (Note. I would reccomend inviting friends to the wedding hall before talking to Abba. Your friends, or family for that matter, will be able to see you get married!)

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