Statistics Edit


Item Name Cantaloupe
Item Rank 2
Effects Heals +20HP, 0SP
Description A fruit

How to ObtainEdit

Dropped by MonstersEdit

Name Level Area
Blue Beetle 17 South Island
Cyan Beetle 18 South Island
Flour Beetle 17 South Island
Ground Beetle 17 South Island
Senior Beetle(M) South Island
Senior Beetle(F) South Island

By Compounding Edit


How to use itEdit

Resale Price: 2 Gold

Manufacture UsesEdit

in Compounding FormulasEdit

  • [[<product>]] <= <Consumable> + <Other item>
  • Strawberry Juice <= Cantaloupe + Cantaloupe
  • Strawberry <= Cantaloupe + Cantaloupe
  • Juicy Peach <= Cantaloupe + Cantaloupe
  • Banana <= Strawberry + Cantaloupe
  • Golden Apple <= Cantaloupe + Cantaloupe
  • can produce various fruit and juice when compound

Recycling Edit

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