Beast Fur

Item Name Beast Fur
Item Rank 2
Size 1x1
Item Type Material
Description An Animal's Hide

How To ObtainEdit


  • Any fur/skin + Original Rubber
  • Dog Skin + Thin-skinned
  • Organic muck + sheepskin= 1 Beast Fur
  • Any fur/skin + Any animal component
  • Pig skin + Cotton + Common Grass = 1x Beast fur (in that order and I have Primary Alchemy 0 level2)
  • Beast Bracers + Headband

Another way you can obtain is by fishing for any fur & then recycle it to a beast fur.

Recycling may regenerate the beast fur but often not. Recyling a leather garment can get you the Thin-Skinned fur but not beast fur.


Leather Garment

Tiger Fur Bracers

Ghost Bracers (not common)

Dropped ByEdit

Name Level Area
Squirrel 27 South Island
Snow Wolf 60 South Pole
Disguise Chameleon 52 Oslya


Resale Price 2 Gold

Manufacturing UsesEdit

Compound UsesEdit


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