Item Name Barley
Item Rank 1
Effects Heals 10HP, 0SP
Description Grows in cold areas and can be milled to powder

How to ObtainEdit

Dropped by MonstersEdit

Name Level Area
Straw Chicken 11-12 North Island / Chicken Farm
Hyperkinetic Chicken 11 North Island / Chicken Farm
Irrigated Chicken 11 North Island / Chicken Farm

By Compounding Edit

Steamed Buns + Steamed Buns


  • Fishing

How to use itEdit

NPC Resale Price: 1 Gold
Quest :

in Manufacturing RecipesEdit

Name Effect No ingr.
Steamed Buns +10HP 2
Shandong Buns +45HP +5SP 2
Bread +50HP 2
Australian Bread +90HP, +60SP 2
Wholegrain Bread +100HP 2
Multi Buns +100HP +50SP 5
Crabmeat Buns +100HP +100SP 4
Multi Bread +140HP +60SP 5
Fried Buns +150HP +50SP 4
Small Buns +160HP +40SP 5
Super Buns +180HP +20SP 4
Danish Bread +180HP +70SP 3
Driedmeat Bread +200HP 3
Stuffed Buns +200HP 3
BBQ Pork Buns +200HP +50SP 5
Wonderful Buns +250HP 5
French Bread 0HP, +150SP 3

in Compounding FormulasEdit

Barley + Barley

Recycling Edit

  • None

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