Auto Loom
Type: Instrument
Size: 5x5
Item Rank: 2
Description: The evolvement of the loom to save time.


Item Time Materials
Linen Carpet Linen Carpet 1 Min. 2x Linen,
5x Linen Thread
Balloon Balloon 30 Min. 1x Sealed Potion,
10x Cotton Cloth,
5x Linen Thread
Airship Baloon Airship Balloon 30 Min. 3x Sealed Potion,
5x Cotton Cloth
Sail Sail 30 Min. 4x Linen,
4x Linen Thread,
3x Sealed Potion
Sofa Sofa 16 Min. 4x Cotton Cloth,
1x Nylon, 3x Wire,
5x Linen Thread
Small Carpet Small Carpet 4 Min. 1 xNylon, 2x Cotton Thread, 2x Linen Thread
Red Carpet Red Carpet 8 Min. 6x Nylon, 8x Cotton Thread, 4x Linen Thread
Blue Carpet Blue Carpet 8 Min. 6x Nylon, 8x Cotton Thread, 4x Linen Thread
Tatami Tatami 5 Min. 20x Harl Grass,
10x Vine Grass,
5x Soft Bine
White Sofa White Sofa 6 Min. 5x White Sheepskin, 1x Nylon, 3x Wire, 5x Linen Thread,
4x Cypress Wood
Great Sofa Great Sofa 6 Min. 10x White Sheepskin, 1x Nylon, 5x Wire, 10x Linen Thread,
4x Cypress Wood
Magic Carpet Magic Carpet 32 Min. 5x Cotton Thread, 5x Linen Thread, 5x Vine Grass, 2x White Fox Fur, 2x Secular Bird's Feather

How to obtainEdit


Made with: Carpenter's Lathe Carpenter's Lathe
Making time: 32 Min.



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