Assembly Basin
Type: Instrument
Size: 2x1
Item Rank: 1
Description: Used to make items which are not so steady.


Item Manufacturing time Material(s)
Black Bomb 4 Min. 1x Sulfur + 1x Phosphorylation + 1x Charcoal + 1x Firewood
Bomb 8 Min. 1x Black Clay + 1x Paper + 1x Fuse + 1x Black Bomb
Detoxification Potion 2 Min. 1x Chrysanthemum + 1x Sunflower + 1x Lucid Glue + 1x Gold Tear + 1x Poisonous Juice
Fish Feed 4 Min. 2 x Seaflower Bone + 1 x Red Coral
Fuse 4 Min. 1x Paper + 1x Black Bomb + 1x Linen Thread
Integrated Flavor 5 Min. 2x Rose Flavor + 2x Flower Flavor + 2x Mum Flavor + 2x Blue Flavor + 1x Distilled Water
Little Statue 10 Min. 3x White Clay + 1x Black Clay + 1x Red Clay + 8x Snow Crystal
Mana Statue 12 Min. 3x White Clay + 1x Black Clay + 1x Red Clay + 1x Life Crystal
Pail Hydrogen 6 Min. 1x Iron Fillet + 1x Aluminum Plate + 2x Pure Water + 1x Sea Salt
Poisonous Potion 2 Min. 2x Poisonous Juice + 1x Pure Water + 1x Lucid Glue
Prepared Chinese Ink 30 Min. 3x Charcoal Powder + 3x Resin + 2x Distilled Water + 5x Black Clay
Yellow Bomb 50 Min. 25x Saltpeter + 6x Lubricant + 12x Sulfur + 8x Cotton Thread + 6x Sealed Potion

How to obtainEdit


Made with: Training Platform
Making time: 4 Min.

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