Description : Alice served on the crew of the Oceanic Star as an attendant. Popular with the passengers because of her good looks and calm demeanor, Alice constantly received gifts from admirers before the ship sank. Though she is no longer a member of the crew, Alice still wants to help the survivors, only showing even more that she lives up to her reputation.


Original Power : STR+1, CON+2

Original Equipment : Sailor's Suit (DEF +1), White Boots (DEF +1), Gloves (DEF +1), Sailor's Hat (DEF +1)

Special Skill : Bomber Attack, defeat targets using a bomber.

Skill Name Bomber Attack Bomber Attack
Obtained at None
Max level 1
SP Used 20 SP
Attack Way Distance
Weapon type Blade, Stick, Wand
Description Calls down a bomber to attack.

Attributes Suggested : Earth, Fire, Water, Wind

Points Suggested : STR, CON

Her original power is equal to Daniel's but her equipment is better than his.

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