A Big Bear Mission

  • Target: Honey Merchant
  • Condition: None
  • Process: Meet the Honey Merchant at the foot of Maka Mountain and accept the mission to defeat the Cave Bear (lvl 48) who has been stealing all the honey. In the cave face various ants (lvls 30-31 and some lvl 22). On the 2nd floor you will see a path that has bear prints. The bear is just past that.

Once you defeat it as you move further into the cave you see two baby bears crying and you put realize the bear was a mother and she was taking honey for her babies. A fairy suddenly appears and tell you not to feel guilty and now things can be restored. All the bears turn into the two constalations; Ursa Major and Ursa Minor in your star book.

  • Reward: EXP+1000

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